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View from here, zoomed in. Notice the kimono like fabric folding on monks on left, and other robey dressy fabrics. #Bhutanlife

National Day: The view from here, earlier. Foreground: Gho, kabney. Midground: monks #Bhutanlife

Pic #2 from the Dochula Tshechu (festival) by my friend Rachael #Bhutanlife

Amazing pic from the Dochula Tshechu (festival) by my friend Rachael #Bhutanlife

Kira #2, purple toego, peach wanju #newclothesforgirlz

By popular demand: Kira (pattern), toego (black), wanju (beige) and rachu, ceremonial sash with dorje pattern, brooch with endless knot

Kira wearing begins today. Wish me luck.

Silk rachu. Vajra/Dorji pattern.


It was a rainy foggy day.

The view from Dochula pass. The mighty Himalayas.

The Bhutanese are a mountain people. The stairs to the laundry:

I just found out that an antique thangka I have, which was my grandmother's, is very likely Bhutanese. Wooeeeoooo.

The view from here, earlier today. (More pics soon on blog.)

The lead horse/mule wears the head dress. No leads, but they mind their handlers.

Got caught in the rain today out hiking. These beasts brightened my afternoon. Traditional horse (mule) pack train returning from town.

Not glamorous food photography: Butter masala dosa with a coconut chutney (?) and dal. $1

Nepali sel roti and curried chicken. Eat with hands.

One last pretty, for the plant geeks out there. #Bhutan

More plant ID, please. Ornamental, Bhutan.