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Divining in Green. Generalist. (Landscape architect, photographer, scent junkie, foodie, music lvr, cyclist, & not nec in that order & none of the above too.)

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This guy is responsible for a lot of noise in the middle of the night. In the US he'd be a movie star. #Bhutanlife

Bhutan didn't lose any of its photogenic qualities in my absence. #Bhutanlife

Maiden Bhutan bike ride took me by Dechencholing palace walls. (Apologies for the wire.) #Bhutanlife

Bike finally assembled. Ready to ride. Yellow livestrong band to remind me which side of the road I should be on. #Bhutanlife

The celebration begins. The Je Khenpo, head-boss monk of all drupka kaygu monks, in yellow. #Bhutanlife

Korean nuns in Bhutan? Festival day.

Bhutan food joy: Chanterelle season (and a new banana, and always tasty ginger.) Chanterelle suggestions welcomed. #Bhutanlife

Joy. Found in my summer-abandoned garden, sweet pea 'Matucana' #Bhutanlife:

Old fashioned, sexist, or sophisticated, depending on your view: Korean Air stewardess uniforms.

Ironies. #offtoBhutan Packing.

. today in production. Gracious gift of cookies for the road!! #offtoBhutan

Two bags. So much stuff. Decisions. #bhutanlife

Two hours later. Almost ready to close the lid. Just add luggage tag. #Bhutanlife

Pieces. . .

...needs to go in here. #Bhutanliferesuming

This ...

Fire: the view from here. #Petaluma 3:45

Plant Id wanted. CA native?, large, 4 x 4', shrubbyish, large white umbels

The view from here. Getting in some flats and water before #Bhutanlife resumes.

Electrician's office. Like landscape architect's garden.