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Divining in Green. Generalist. (Landscape architect, photographer, scent junkie, foodie, music lvr, cyclist, & not nec in that order & none of the above too.)

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Parc Andre Citroen. A view down one side of the central tapis verte. Note how few people.

Parc Andre Citroen.They turned this fountain on about half way through the day. #Paris

Thunderstorm, The Grand Canal, Versailles. cc

The crush at Versailles. (From green, sheeped Wales to tourist city)

Went over the border today to Shrewsbury, England, and found this over the top bedding garden. Not my taste exactly, but well done.

Steampunk is alive. Dapper fellow. Top hat, goggles, velvet jacket, oversleeves.

Steampunk is not dead. Dapper fellow. Top hat, goggles, velvet jacket, oversleeves.

And thus far, not much to write home about on the food front, except for elder flower, my local discovery:

[Mom] Haven't had time to post my Wales pictures yet. As a teaser, one of the beach today.

Auspicious community garden find, poppies and borage.

Back towards Borth. (Where I sit now: red house in the middle.)

Borth, Wales. Window view. Green + sheep.

Day 1 Wales (yesterday). Trains (3). Holyhead Station.

The view from here. Waiting.

Cornus capitata #2

Cornus capitata @ Quarryhill Botanic Garden. Special variety with the rosy centers? Spectacular.

Found this spectacular lily growing in Annadel State Park, but it doesn't look native. ID?

Nuthatch, doing the upside down thing.

Pileated woodpecker in flight. (Sorry, blurry.) cc

Pileated woodpecker (through screen). cc