Baby Gurl


All the world's a stage, i'm just trying to play my part #EvolveNotRevolve Progress is key!!!

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Yas hunty I love to eat, but gonna try to cut bck on this here stuff #NoDiet

This be my thghts exactly or maybe I need sum water

Got plenty of these...

Presidents + BHM

Yall remember this episode Dave did, he knew wht was gonna happen

These birds and leaving this crap on my car

He tryin to play me, cuz this ain't even all tht #ButHeTooOffIntoIt

He's really off into it now!!!

My solution to my "Not Sleepy" buddy Trey...

Bahaha ha #ThisTho

This yall ninjas...

Yall get it wit these Barbie type chicks

Give your kids sum type of hope this year!!!

MLK from Google...even they're representing


This chocolate waffle wit walnuts would be good right abt now

Walking on Water Ministries!!!!

I think I want sum Chick-fil-a for breakfast... #Convinced #ThemChickFilACowsTho

This is still funny

So ummm...this is abt to happen!

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