One Direction is my life bro ☆彡 Just your average teen with a loudness factor ♪(´ε` ) Keep it real babe (。-_-。) No drama so (*☻-☻*) v(^_^v)♪

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#embarassyourbestfriend No makeup ;)

haha ily2

#myfavoritelyrics Lemme see you put your hearts up! #PutYourHeartsUp

Dear One Direction Haters,
Unfollow me & shut up(:

Unlike Justin Bieber,he doesn't need to take half naked pictures of himself to get our vote!

Some Beliebers piss me off,no offense.You guys act like 1D are snobs with no talent&only got famous because of X-Factor

When ya diss our boys,it gets personal(; #Unfollowed . #VoteOneDirection

Interesting because One Direction isn't paying MTV.That's retarded & the boys wouldn't do that. #FuckOff

He approves this & I do too! Xoxo (:

Um excuse me?Yes they do.You just made yourself look pretty stupid & ignorant ღ xox


Every Directioner should be tweeting #voteondirection xox (:

I'm rotfl at you!One Direction did NOT pay MTV to win.Just admit that Bieber is losing to our boys(:

#voteonedirection everybody !

Just got new #Gumy headphones!(:

#VoteOneDirection come on guys !

ROTFL! #Maria by is top funny !

Lol wouldn't want that !xD

First day of school today & I know it's gonna be a good year !(:

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