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I know what you guys wanna see! *A SPOILER!* :D Guild Hairs! Coming Sooooon!

  • 1051 days ago via site
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I hope your ready for this SNEAK PEEK! I hope the legion is ready what I've got cookin!

  • 1078 days ago via site
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Look what arrived for me today! Birthday Wishes from the Lab! Full of Alpaca-goodness! :'D *happy surprise*

  • 1088 days ago via site
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  • 1091 days ago via site
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What's the most magical pet I have in store for you this week!? Why an ALPACACORN THAT'S WHAT! *sooo beautiful*

  • 1094 days ago via site
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Oh Haii! Here's some swag coming to my artist shop tomorrow. I hope you guys like it. Now off to crank out more!

  • 1095 days ago via site
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I promised a Sneak Peek for my upcoming artist shop. ^^ Can't be magical without first being a normal student!

  • 1097 days ago via site
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Here you go Twitter. WOAMG! WHAT!? Jemini has NEW GLASSES! *faints* Suddenly I am totally hip and trendy!

  • 1099 days ago via site
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HUGE package just arrived. It contains my birthday gift. I WANT TO PEEK SO BAD! Mouse is there for size reference.

  • 1099 days ago via site
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I do believe I promised a sneak peek! This will be the theme for my Artist Showcase Shop coming up very, very soon! ^^

  • 1100 days ago via site
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Someone's making sure he's not being left behind. xD #Moving

  • 1105 days ago via site
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Is it Caturday? I think it just might be! Checkout Sir Fluffykin's haircut. He doesn't quite know how to respond..

  • 1108 days ago via site
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Twilly drawing party with led to a sketch of this guy! I really liked his attitude, so I colored him. ^^

  • 1112 days ago via site
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There is no help for me. I've reached the kawaii plush part of the internet! THESE ALPACAS TWITTER! THESE ALPACAS!

  • 1113 days ago via site
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and I just played a fantastic prank on . Keekekekekeekekeeee....

  • 1751 days ago via site
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MQ's Tek has been Ponified!! Cutie Mark added! In yo face Korin! XD

  • 1800 days ago via site
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Last Pony of the Day!!! MQ Jemini Pony FTW! Yaaay! XD

  • 1801 days ago via site
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Ponies in Space!!!! Korin has been ponified! XD

  • 1801 days ago via site
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drew it! I just added some quick colors XD Pony version of !! I think yes! XD

  • 1801 days ago via site
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Armor Preview for this week! The Team 10 Suit! Only at the Movie Plex this Thursday!

  • 1822 days ago via site
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