Melbourne-homed. Irritatingly capricious. We could probably be good friends.

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AUSTRALIA! If you have a dummy US Xbox Live account, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are region-free! Gosh!

Fridge poetry by me.

Oh this is bullshit...

#WorkTweet I'm guessing he has never dared to be late to catch public transport.

u ok?

Here's hoping a technician comes around today to sort my internet out because DAMN. #HelloDialup


So this was fun to drive through #winterwonderland

Found one.

Arrived home. Saw this on the odometer. Snap. #YesIDriveAnAuto #FuckYouAndTheJudgementalUnicornOfSuperiorityYouRodeInOn

I've been working here for over a year and I still haven't confronted my supervisor about this. Should I speak up?

That Facebook Beef Page has appeared on my feed again for more baffling hilarity. Seriously, who runs this thing?

Okay, the sponsored Facebook posts irritate me, but this one nearly had me in tears.

That's quite a generous expiry date, /.

Watching The Meaning Of Life while the dog sleeps on my bum.