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Where there's a will, there's a way. And where there's a way, then there's usually a stop sign somewhere along the road.Athlete-Model-Prep

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Advice for the day: go outside :) feel the sun on your face :)

What happens when Lina and I are in the same room!

Check mic 1,2 check mic #miccheck #florida #pitbull!!!

No biggie I'm a starter ;)

Skyping with the baby cousins <3 cutest things in the world!!!! #canikeepthem?

True meaning of st Patrick's day #flashmob #irishdance <3 #kissmeimirish

This says it all! #boyshaveswagmenhaveclass ;)

This photo makes my day!!!! #hockeyproblems

This is so true! #canadianproblems. #eh?

How many test tubes does a student in sciences need? #trickquestion. #lifeofauniversitystudent

There isn't any other way to study but to listen to mac miller <3 #knockknock #lifeofastudent

Aint no other way to study other then jamming out to mac miller . #lifeofastudent

Oh boy I think I want to marry you! <3 #joesantago

You think I was dropped on the head??? Yeah right #celticslifeisnolifeforme . #anythingbut!

Team Gold!!!!

This is how I spend my time instead of finishing my bio paper I play on my broom <3 #lifeofacanadian

Real girls play hockey <3 ;) #lifeofacanadian

Can O chem really be that boring?!?!? Haha #shouldwewakehimup?

Love of my life in a gum wrapper <3 I have the bestest friend in the world!!!!

#arealfriend is someone who spends 6 days with you in the wilderness with you and your weirdness! :)

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