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How to pick a lock 101 brought to you by my bro and dad. #futurecriminals

Erm guys.. I think theres a dog on my bike

Fuck! I knew it! We cant board!

One a penny, two a cross buns!! Hah! Buns in the oven.

Oh ew! They do have gum in this thing! Wth am i eating?! It has gum in it?!

Adventure is out there!! Lol i just felt like saying that with this bicycle.

Erm was 20 bucks! Couldnt help but get it. Disney princesses Lol.

Brownie cupcakes with two double stuffed oreos and peanut butter = MEGA SINFUL. But i just had to make it. :)

Healthiest lunch ever lol!!

My attempt at making my lunch more interesting? Idek...

Twilight zone!!!! The syfy channel! Naoo! Omg!

The beatle's A hard days night. To end my week. :)

Hollywood time...

Bahahhahaa the things my bro teaches his son.

Chilling in my aunt's room. Watching the iconcert channel! Fob is playing!!!

Guurrrrlll!! What the hell did u do?! Fell on some purple sharpies?!

I bought a new dreamcatcher. A legit one this time and bigger too. Haha the one i had lasted me one night -.-

First krispy kreme ever!

Daaaa phaaaannntoom of the opera is hhheerre...innnsidde my hearrrttt. Watching phantom today :3 pics pretty dark lol

The Beatles : Love by Cirque Du Soleil. Gah!!!!!! It was amazing!!!! Oh my god!