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Anybody wanna go swimming;)

Woke up cause I felt a bug crawling on me arm, I killed it, #scared #done ima sleep somewhere

I bought this yoshi for Danny yesterday(: He was super excited nd I was super happy that he loved it

Hahahaha what kind of!? McDonalds is horrible haha

I love she's been there for me every year since we became friends for this day. Ily<3

What a beautiful day to be at the beach<3 With nd my best frand #Sammy <3

My best friend gave me this :D its so cool<3 I love her(:

This reminded me of (ignore everything besides topgun hahaha random things in the mail)

My grandma has these huge flowers in front of her house :O

-________- #socialsuicide

New strawberry lemonade at my job BOMB! :D it has real strawberries(:

It hurts! Agh!

My cute sunburn -________- stupid Arizona sun!

Won a Tiara, a necklace, pink silly band, a ladybug nd eraser, a tootsie roll nd hott tamales :D yee

At the river (:

:O oh my<3 Gaga looks so sexy in this pic!

Not a day goes by that I don't miss you</3 Rest in Paradise<3

Haha Kash was being weird this morning nd smelling the lil balls I have on my bag ha he's so cute<3

So this is how the moon looked when I was on my way home from work(: It looked super pretty!