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Made a chocolate sauce for the brownie topping. Guess it was a big hit :-)

Gluten free brownies from scratch. Looks like the experiment paid off

Am I missing something? Did Costco start giving away gold w/ their gas?

Lil girl panda jumpsuit #harajukumini #dying

Ok, ok one more. Motorcycle Jacket & booties!!! #lovesit #harajukumini

I want to buy this outfit for my future daughter.Gwen needs to make a matching mommy outfit.. oh wait, she already does

Day off hanging downtown. 1st stop Lil' Tokyo. Got a parking spot Rt out front #luckotheirish

*GASP* beyond gorgeous!!! One of my Favorite. Covers. Ever.Werk !!!!!

Snacks & my boy Rocky should hang

Aha! Found the last set of Missoni ceramic kitchen bowls

WTF?! Are you serious?! Not a thread left and I came to the ghetto Target #Dayum

The 5 best rappers of all time, think about it. Dylan, Dylan...Bwahaha! My fav Chappelle episode.

Don't bother me, I'm baking ;)

Can't tell you why I made homemade ramen on a 100 deg day. All I know is that its tasty

Wtf... a grown man just got out of this thing. Haha

Just unbelievably beautiful out here on the hike today

My sister is trying to get me to get married so I can register for all the kitchen stuff I lust over. Ha!

I'm being a good girl. Getting my piano work done before I go out

Roasted seaweed & egg whites. Sooo good!

Pounding mango margaritas w/ the fam. We're staring early.