Roller Jesus


I am a Married, Red wine drinking geek. I like playing Xbox, Zombies, watching films, playing Roller Derby, and am yet to find an exception to #Rule34.

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Yaaaaaaaay get in from work to Twitter post from :) Thank you miss *does nesty nesty dance* *hugs* have a good date night xx

Quick twitter folk is this one of those evil ladybirds that eat our nice ones? #Nature

A very small person had an accident here in the woods

As if I'm gonna eat Maltesers one at a time like some kind of chocolate dispensing glory hole *rips box open*

It's Monday Monday gotta eat cake on Monday #Monday

While you're here, let me introduce, Fantastic Mr Fox #Showyourtats


look what i saw, he's 13 #Sleepywhippet

One of my new t-shirts has a badger on :) x

Damn straight I will (free clothes)

Parcel = #epicwin

The # didn't work so just in case. Pub Challenge complete 3 sets of naked knees #showyourbits

Pub challenge complete - 3 people's knees -#showyourbits

Is a possible bullet hole suspicious enough to not use this? #Cashpoint

Poked a baby ducks head off #AnimalPoke

#Friday Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh did I mention I had these to help me through the afternoon? #epicwin (hopefully)

I wear my heart on my sleeve