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Hungover or drunk. Attempt to be and fail at being eloquent (Especially when the former statement is true). Often make poor fashion decisions.

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Watching the sats sound check! Una's ill bless her- 2 Words-vanessa's voice!!

We're grabbing tom some jerk chicken (from jerk city) before we go back, and nath is here with us!

Quick nandos while tom's in the studio- max's throats killin him!! Siva's absurdly happy to b eatin!

What a life!! Best show to go on on a #wantedwednesday!

This is my lizard- her name's Neytiri and she's a pure bred killing machine!!...of grasshoppers.

Benidorm is doing tom the world of good.

Slaaaater tweeters!! Off to pack! X

The wanted pool!! ALL GOOD x

Reminiscent of take that!!?? We had to do it- BBQ round 2

We hav visitooooooooooors! X

Chillin in garden, siva blasting our tunes, great gig last night, read the hand. X

you know how to drive the girls wiiiiiiild!

We are tweet addicts

#followfriday - & and FutureGirl say follow !!- happy birthday sis! X

This is me and my bro yesterday!


Meet Rufus tweeters! He was sent by Jodie () He barks! BADASS!! Thanks Jodie! X

's want isssss "a head massage by a chinese therapist"

's #wantedwednesday want: "crunchy nut"

And the wanted wants a "safe flight home" this #wantedwednesday