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Underneath the first note was this. Need help solving.

I have a new hotel mystery Found this written on the elevator bank notepad!

Okay. Round Two. The original Boston cream pie.

Thank you Neptune Oyster. You guys rock.

That Was Delicious #threewordsaftersex

Okay, this is awesome. Thank you Boston.

And for the first time, here's a pie chart listing the top 10-20 questions.

Because I know you've been eagerly awaiting a pie chart update of most asked questions

Was served these "biodegradable cups made out of corn" last night. Told they melt in hot water. Feel ripped off.

Great group of students over at Columbia College in Chicago. One asked me to sign his long board.


Wow, you all guessed. Thought I was the only one with this image burned into my brain from a lifetime of GB overload.

Sitting at a news desk and immediately recognised this poking out from behind the computer. Anybody?

I'm on GMA!... Arizona, that is.

Good Morning Arizona!

Just finished Q&A in Tempe. Special guest: Young MC!

Last second Halloween costume. No one seems to know what I am. Now I just feel poorly dressed.

Pie Chart update of most asked questions. The new entrant... Questions about the pie chart.

Nothing more exciting for a filmmaker than a marquee. Thank You Austin

Death Star Pumpkin in my hotel lobby