i like cats and boobs so yeah

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Son of a bitch

She loves laying in my crotch dude

Great Danes are just so sweet

Idgaf if her nipples are pierced, she gone get slapped

It's even worse when it's little but they don't think it is and you're just like

Like look at this shit. It looks like a fucking thumb

Ughhhh after many beers and Jell-O shots later, we finally managed to get a decent picture #toodrunktomove #dying

Had a local church come out to support! #TeenPride2013

Lawd Jesus take me now

. ugh love me





Proof, guys. #ImLegal

Pretty much sums up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today.

I'm so done with guys like seriously y'all ain't shit

#SingleBecause I DON'T WANT THIS

White girls ain't shit

you like da meats RT : He put beef and pork in my food. He tryna kill me yall

RT : Illiterate* ": Gucci mane a literate ass ..poor lil tink tink.."