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@WRCB Chattanooga via @CBS19 Charlottesville, VA. NJ native, LHU Alum. My tweets are my opinion & dont reflect others.

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Probably last time shooting Georgia high school football. 1st stop SE Whitfield. Here's to a great night. #GoMe

Saw this guy park in handicap spot, not handicapped at all.

The smell of fresh, hot asphalt is welcomed here outside #WRCB . Means they're paving #Hwy27 !

Just turned on the #uva game and Al is the color guy. Probably first time back in Scott Stadium since being fired.

Walker Valley High School band has to be 300 deep.....and they sound good. #wow #fnf3

look what I found on my drive. I thought they just lived in Texas. #bbqdinner

---> an idea

I went to Sweetwater TN and all I got was #sweet picture.

Busy day in the #cha #hamco courts building. Ppl everywhere and no parking to be found in area. #parkinggarageFull

Wish I could see the score, quarter and time...thanks local #FOX for screwing this up. #mysettingsarefine

Everyday of work is always different. I still get surprised. You can be on one thing and totally switch stories.

Some people may ask, 'what is this thing?'

that was close. Saw you on the t-v

how's the drive? #asleepatthewheel

thought I'd finally use a vaca day this year, see family and entertain self.

Different side of #Cha , this house has numerous bullet holes in house windows and parked vehicles.

Working on the info, but possibly 3 ppl shot in 3 parts of #cha within an hour earlier this am.

Live shots b4 the sun comes up....at least the moon is still close by.