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MA in #EarlyModern Literature. I study Henry Vaughan and 17th c. Anglican poetry. Future PhD student. I tweet about academic life. Lit geek & Werder Bremen fan.

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. How long until you become this type

My my my. How the tables have turned. Now *I'M* the one with banana bread. But it's almost gone... :(

My feel-good moment of the day:

My feel -good moment of the day:

(Cont'd): I just snagged this from said book rack.

Last night of prep. #OwnThisDefence

A favourite passage from Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy. My academic followers will likely enjoy it:

I'm not a Miltonist, but Paradise Lost brings out the best marginalia! (Going over old notes):

Sometimes fiction can reflect our own unique realities.

Sometimes fiction comes close to describing our own unique realities.

#Wyatt might be my poet of choice whilst in a bad mood, but his epigrams are great.

Does SMS literacy matter? In 2012,I think so. , however, apparently disagrees.

As I Canadian, I have a solemn duty to work outside when it's 26 degrees outside.

Having a study/reading party with . I think I enjoy Orson Scott Card more than he enjoys LSAT prep.

When did the #CPC come into power again? Our next government has a lot of PR work to do. #cdnpoli

Some nice marginalia from a committee member!

Hanging out with my birthday present from and !

knows a thing or two about brutal ultimatums.

Got a tattoo today. Nice little present for myself. :)

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