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Writer-Producer. Currently writing for Once Upon a Time and Husbands:

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ONCE is a hit, so I guess we have a dress code now.

Who looks this good at this hour? Eliza Dushku, that's who! I have to speak after her?!

I like to think he's called The T'owl.

Eliza Dushku loves her Husbands! She knows it's at Http://Husbandstheseries.com

This is what ep 8 looked like as we shot it. Can you tell if we used this take? Http://Husbandstheseries.com

I'm sitting on this RIGHT NOW!

Cheese rind wax, paper, ink, paper towel and tape. Writers' room art.

Found this on the bed! Calling Terminix! We have ands!

Another monitor shot! and Http://Husbandstheseries.com

Took pic of monitor during Husbands shoot! #Cylon #Caprica http://Husbandstheseries.com

Took this during Husbands shoot. What a pretty Cylon! #Caprica http://Husbandstheseries.com

I got shrunk tiny!

The girls came to the writers' room!!!! Mmmm spicy!

All dressed up for the shoot! #Husbands

This prop is ready for its close-up! (husbandstheseries.com)

Beau rests between takes! #TeamHusbands

Gorgeous look at the monitor right now! #Husbands

Look at directing! #Husbands

Tweeting from set! #Husbands

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