The Little Girl Lost


Cause my job sucks, I created my own talking about music and to the people who make it. Also did a lil of that for AlterThePress.

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#RIPLefteye, so epic, for proof see above photo/lyrics. Not to mention she says the entire thing in like a min and a half lol!

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LITERALLY ALL material possessions from my childhood have been stolen. I guarded this TLC vhs w/my life for over 10yrs!( )#riplefteye

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....o_O where's ? I need #nerdsupport

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GEEEZ this pic of Emy...o wow holy hotness in a leather jacket! *drool*

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My friend (and yours), Minnesota's resident ROCKstar Abisha ()!!! Lovez it!

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Special #recordstoreday dp "I collect records because pussy hates me." ha

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WOW not only does TRQ finally have a tattoo I love, she has one I'm IN LOVE with! WOW srsly...WOW

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OMG just found this! is FOINE AS HELL!!!! ...I feel you in my legs:p

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DAMN this is a super interesting comment! What a family...TnS drawing homophobic ppl to shows in spite of homophobia=power of music

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Geez not much to say to Janay today huh? lmao whats w/the SUPER short mentions dudes

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LMMFAO!!! SO funny! wow and the first part who were we even talking about!? god... *dies* haha

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Questions of life! why ARE we so loud and own a Canadian? yes please:p (thanx Heather)

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do you like chocolate??? This is my "Brad" :p

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OMMMFG FUCK YOUTUBE!!! never gonna get shit done. Go fix urself!!

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Comments like this make my heart hurt (attn: )

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LMMFAO OMG OMG WHY I SHOULDN'T MULTITASK!!! omg Jaime, this was close!

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EEK!!! ADORABLE Everyone meet Tucker (cat) and Shaggy (the dog, wearing the hoodie!!!:P) :P!!!:)

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working on it...but this is a nice tidbit of banter you won't find anywhere lol

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