The Little Girl Lost


Cause my job sucks, I created my own talking about music and to the people who make it. Also did a lil of that for AlterThePress.

Photos and Videos by @JanayKinney

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I was going to tweet something important about life (okay, music), then I saw this pic of Angie um...

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FINALLY now THIS makes sense ( are you offended? I think my feed is a lil off all that! :p LOL)

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Finally came! 's Polaris Prize poster! Turning my room into a tiny indie rock museum :p

haha you wish! :p jk...that would be cool and I'd wanna go with you!

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Banksy was in here May. This isn't his, but I was still so excited to walk by/see it!

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WOW...REALLY?! Really Tweetdeck?! #RACIST!

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um define random lol

This scene is/was the start of something beautiful! #LostGirl #sexytime

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I turned my tv on for you !!! #INeverDoThat

Aww this was my first dp/avatar/profile-pic ever on twitter like 2yrs ago! haha #gaytie #tjo2010 ()

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MAILBOX WIN! Cant believe they came on the same day! ! oh wow, RIP Ari Up:'( (venus cover)

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Proud of my roomie! Told him I'd show this win here! Boy knows good music ()

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okay and my new fave pic, also by apparently. Rocking my Google page. like?:p

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#iWin Got my EP #yayphysicalcopies! #YayDIY is the cutest! (i play favorites, he blogged for me)

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I mean, Karyn, and make youtube worth going to! #niceview

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My fave band disbanding w/ hardly any live footage on YT sucks. sending massive box of bootlegs doesnt!

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yes! my name on Afterellen! beautiful, and doesn't happen enough, i need to #dobetter #dreambig

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How's this for virus protection? Beware of the Salander! Don't fuck with my computer!

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:) this is my current back ground, this pic is huge but the tns before it wasnt *that* big

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Well I *usually* only carry cards with money on them... bucks anyone??? What's the cost of awesome?

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