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Cause my job sucks, I created my own talking about music and to the people who make it. Also did a lil of that for AlterThePress.

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DAYUM...this is some badass FREE shipping!

  • 2019 days ago via site
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here's the pic! Detroit Dept of Trans. ads, as if I need a reminder!

  • 2026 days ago via site
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And there's an adorable kitten sleeping under my legs. Pre-4th bbq starting off well. Enjoy the holiday folks

  • 2031 days ago via site
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I love our place. I love today! Grey's in front, drinks/patio to the right, cooking/food to the left! :D

  • 2031 days ago via site
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do YOU know who I hafta sleep w/to get a fic written about this awesome? *plz say *

  • 2074 days ago via site
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sorry okay here it is! :) ( has FB lol)

  • 2099 days ago via site
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DUDE Tina Fey & Ellie! BOTH?! Thx for tellin me! :D

  • 2099 days ago via site
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Wave bye to Sick of Sarah! Good luck in the UK, have fun, be safe and rock FACE! :)

  • 2110 days ago via site
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my friends' band is going to the UK, one guitarist packed this w/2 pedals & 3 chords, she's proud!

  • 2110 days ago via site
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Yay, it came. FINALLY bought something from Lady Gaga #PrayforJapan :)

  • 2114 days ago via site
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Was about to put on shoes for no reason, decided against it for a good reason #withoutshoes #toms

  • 2120 days ago via site
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Great, Charlie Sheen actually IS winning. Sold out show downtown. Show? WTF IS HE EVEN DOING?! He is #manfail ppl

  • 2123 days ago via site
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Hope this person had fun!!! Apparently my blog is cool if you look hard enough... :p

  • 2151 days ago via site
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'Xena: Whorier Princess' ha SERIOUSLY though, what season does she start rocking THIS?! #mustwatch

  • 2172 days ago via site
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now my fake name...not so bad :) #identityissues

  • 2177 days ago via site
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the tumblr page is so disproportionate on my screen. i really don't get tumblr #whatamidoingwrong

  • 2181 days ago via site
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idk who's more excited for QaF S1, me or Tucker (Karyn's cat) #CutePixofcats #Poser #ItsNotMyCat #BadLesbian

  • 2210 days ago via site
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"hey i put some new shoes on" "these boots were made for walkin" you get the point

Quadruple rainbow!? BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! (haha)

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