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He's standing right next to you.......

You can say what you like about Boris but he likes to get involved.

And he's down....

Surely this is not what Ascot is all about.....

No one seems to have noticed Spiderman standing behind Danny Alexander.

Where will it end?

Amazing, inside a full spread feature on the dangers of blue tac.........

Didn't know Miranda Hart was a mp

Piss off. #edmiliband

This corespondent is a real dude & also has the good sense to use a umbrella when it's raining. Genius.

Ave some of that Mr Balls.

This guy is a irritating shit and he should fuck off.

This guy is really slick, he could only work with money.

This woman's husband is complaining she won't sleep with him, mate that is a blessing.

Piss off bee.

This carrot appears to have a dick.


Look out Mr President someone wants your job.

The Duke appears to have three arms.

A young Wayne Rooney. #waynerooney