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I've been lucky to write for @NintendoLife, @PushSquare, @PixelNation1 and The MMA (@MeanMachinesMag). I'm nuts about retro.Ears tuned to punk/alternative rock.

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I am No.2 #iPhone #Inkvaders (Normal Story) in the world! http://bit.ly/5Jk7j Twitpic score is just showing off & it will not last, but I'll enjoy it while I can.

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I'm buzzing my Star Fox review http://bit.ly/wyXwT is live I took over our front room & Jo's a Star Fox expert now (ask her to quote Slippy!).

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I'll 'Try Harder' to launch my #iPhone out of our freakin' top floor flat window! (Samurai: Way of the Warrior). Is it relevant to write a review for a game, when you can not even get past its half way point? !!!

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Retro Gamer Collection Volume 3 + recently bought 'Shook Ones' http://bit.ly/3PGLe3 CD on MP3 = copious amounts of entertainment for a Sept. weekend's journey into Southampton. I return Sunday :)

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( http://bit.ly/xpzKq )TiG’ve been playing #iPhone co-op #Alive4Ever - “For 13 more seconds, do not die”. Sing like Michael Stipe “That’s me being slaughtered, that’s me in a crumpled heap, I’m… waiting for my revivin’!”

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My most treasured hardware is Japanese modded platinum GameCube/ GameBoy Player. Not rare, but boxed & mint. I wish it was Panasonic Q. GBA (basic) progressive scan big screen gaming.

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This is 1/4 pic of Southport Skate Park http://bit.ly/18HSW6 All new wood since You Tube vid. Photo does not show full mini, extra banks/transitions, mid-park spine and multi-levelled ledges.

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…. & I thought ‘Triceratops Walking’ ( http://bit.ly/p6qr5 ) was bad, 'T-Rex Feeding Time' was a nightmare! (Southport).

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I wish I hadn't accepted that 'Triceratops Walking' job. It's alright when they're well behaved, but some stubborn tykes refuse to be led anywhere! (Southport) ….

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An #Alive4Ever screen. Read my in depth TiG Preview http://bit.ly/J4TD0 Ace #iPhone shooter & #gaming fun. This is the 1st boss.

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We have Sonic1, so do #iPhone gamers still crave SonicCD? - #ILuvMD & MegaCD is misunderstood. Is SonicCD better than Sonic2?

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#ILuvMD ‘Mean Machines ’ Sonic CD Review, Nov’93. Scored 83% (2 out of 3 pages).

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#ILuvMD If lava don’t kill me, spiky li’l bugger will – Sonic #iPhone Marble Zone (only level 2). Sway away Sonic, ya should be nervous!

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RTh2 did get slightly ignored. Nov '91 import release date (pal '92), was lost in SofRage, Quackshot, Mercs festive snowstorm.

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#ILuvMD 70% C&VG (1990), 70 ? ! & awarded Musha http://bit.ly/f4DGy a more appropriate 9/10. Phewee!

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#ILuvMD Here is the 1990 C&VG review of Compile’s awesome #MegaDrive shooter, Musha. What do you think of the percentage?

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Gamers love , but notice if they occasionally get it wrong. #iLuvMD MagicalHat into DecapAttack was mistake! C&VG 1991. Sorry pic is fuzzy.

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How often do you get good to just chill and play loads of #MegaDrive games? - #ILuvMD –This is ESWAT (PS3)

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The 1st #MegaDrive game I completed was ESWAT- #ILuvMD – Twitpic Review from Complete Guide to Consoles III (1990)

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#ILuvMD & I love ‘Alien Soldier’, but this boss always kicks my ass!

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