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I've been lucky to write for @NintendoLife, @PushSquare, @PixelNation1 and The MMA (@MeanMachinesMag). I'm nuts about retro.Ears tuned to punk/alternative rock.

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Dissertation finished & submitted. 19,217 words (64 pages), not including Appendix. 156 pages in total. Supping (two!) jars of Guinness. Jo cracked open Baileys. Thrasher skate DVD on gogglebox. Walrus impersonations curbed. Beard sheared...Celebrate good times. C'mon! :D

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Playing God of War III to completion on my day off, on its Fri.19th March launch, was awesome. Believe the hype, its jaw-dropping scale and amazing set pieces are truly stunning.

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (UK advert): Long live hand-drawn 2D sprite and pixel art mastery. I'd quite like one of those Hori Fighting Sticks, too! (Play Gamer #07 comp).

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Play Gamer Issue #7 has a beautifully laid out Sonic 4 preview. Huge screenshots galore, it made me want to go back and read the original Sonic review in Mean Machines (July 1991, Issue 10).

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"Super Massive Huge Thanks" to for getting me 'Yobo FC16 Go' handheld SNES. Bessie mates for over 20 years through thick/thin, high/low, scraps, scrapes and skating. Superb Chris!:)

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I've had a cracking meal, including pancakes in pub, with the family. Here is pic of my birthday goodies, plus Force Unleashed: Sith Edition (PS3) & Bangai-O (NDS) have been ordered. Thanks lots to Jo & my family.:)

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Your Retro Gamer No.72 Making of Capcom D&D brawlers was right up my goblin infested alley! It made me pine for stolen Saturn discs & seek consolation in PC Mystara. Great stuff :)

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It is not a secret that I am skint, but I was a rich man on Christmas Day! Massively generous friends & family (including my cousins & Jo's family) netted me this mighty fine haul! I am a spoilt sprog, they all know my tastes so well, but I am definitely

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Merry Christmas everyone! Have a cracking Christmas Day, filled with festive cheers, from me, Jo & Strider Hiryu!

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It is full on snowing outside our flat window now, c'mon white Christmas! "Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!" :)

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BloodyXmas by | TiG #iPhone review http://bit.ly/6PnEWs

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Seriously, what am I doing up at 4am? Playing 's BloodyXmas on #iPhone & going nuts as Santa with a lightsabre, that's what!

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The Radio Times special, a SNES Batman Returns cart, Pogues on the stereo, a snowman doodle & a chicken, stuffing, gravy & cranberry sauce sub. The holidays are properly coming! :)

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Keep running & gunning cowboy: Sunset Riders, TV shots of the SNES, screenshots from Arcade. "Get ready for a pow-wow!".

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Remember being a kid & invading cupboards, tearing wrapping paper and peaking at pressies. NSMBWii arrived today & Jo is in work...I must resist breaking the seal & playing it! Gorgeous red box is soooo tempting to open!

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- The Hardware Handbook is freaking amazing! - Thanks lots for picking it up from Smiths.- In-depth on 35 systems is a stupendous history. Every gamer needs a copy of this!

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12 screens of Ghosts ‘n Goblins Gold Knights #iPhone edition of Arthur Vs the groovie ghoulies, classic arcade action!

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Geoff Rowley has been representing Liverpool in the world of pro skateboarding for around fifteen years. This is his fifth Thrasher cover (Nov 2009), no small feat, plus he interviews Lemmy from Motörhead in the same issue. A proper Scouse hero, congrats

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'Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire' #N64 TV Snowspeeder and Outrider screen shots - #StarWars - #gaming

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Hüsker Dü rule... & I've been playing loads of Contra. I did not shave for a while, so Jo said "Shave your stubble as a Fu Manchu moustache". Blasted gaps in my beard, I will never be in a real deal rock band... I simply can not grow a Fu Manchu! :(

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