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I've been lucky to write for @NintendoLife, @PushSquare, @PixelNation1 and The MMA (@MeanMachinesMag). I'm nuts about retro.Ears tuned to punk/alternative rock.

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The sun has set on my scruffy beard. I have sandwiched Chase HQ & OutRun screens between my 'before and after' shave/haircut pics as they are far better looking than my ugly mug. I am wearing my Neo Geo T-shirt again too... but it is my 'Favourite T'.

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So I bought an Aqua Blue (PAL) 3DS today. It is a mighty fine day indeed. A three Dee-liii-Shh-oous day.

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Killzone 3 may be dumb & gung-ho as it explodes its khaki attitude across set-piece heavy gameplay, but it was still tons of fun completing it in a single Saturday. I hope future PS3 FPS games include PS Move controls, too.

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Spookily enough my first GamePro was released just two months before Damo got his, it's Iss 39 from Oct 1992 & has Zangief/Blanka on cover. It reviewed TG-16 Soldier Blade with a FunFactor 5.0. I took quick snap of Cybermorph review from Iss 54 (Jan 1994) too, as bit of nostalgia for Michael. :)

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Jo & I have been up since 5.30am, our flat is brimming with Christmas cheer! We are off to visit family for the weekend, but before we go... "Merry Christmas Twitter!" Have a superb day everyone, fingers crossed you discover some cracking games under the tree. Cheers! :)

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I have had all 24 issues of since they were first out, but many of my originals were battered, so it feels good to have all 24 with covers again. I'm also celebrating finally buying Complete Guide to Consoles Vol. 1, for a bargain £6.50! Oh yeah!

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I was transitioning from C64 to Amiga during Sega Master System's late '80s heyday, so I missed out on its colour packin' 8-bit goodness. Here's a smorgasbord of screens, compiled to help me become more educated about the wonders of SMS! ;)

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Here's a pic of 's first 50 issues & the multitude of playable Blu-ray discs included with their mags. Belated congratulations to them (Issue 51's out tomorrow), I'm looking forward to reading through their next 50 magazines! :)

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A visit to a few Southport arcades during last August bank holiday uncovered these gaming beauties, with the pièce de résistance being a Japanese F-Zero AX cabinet! ...F-Freakin' Zero!!!

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Hooray! Big congratulations to everyone involved with gamesTM in reaching the 100th issue. Cheers lots to their team, from current/past eds, to staff writers & freelancers. There has been so much gaming goodness in these pages. Oh yeah! :)

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Here you go , you don't need to wait a few years, you just need a time machine. This is Kinect, named Activator, circa Jan. 1994. I found ad while reading old GamePro other day. It's awesome, but only for SEGA Genesis...which looks a bit like a Mega Drive! :)

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Rabbit & Ryan were tweeting about Rabio Lepus, plus Digital Foundry are celebrating 20 years in gaming industry, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, by scanning Rich's C&VG review from late '90-early '91 (I no longer have the mag's cover). :)

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Yahoo! My 7th review is live: http://bit.ly/afXpAm I’m buzzing like a Flambéé to have my N64 'Mischief Makers' review on Nlife. Nice one Nintendo Life! :)

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I completed Super Mario Galaxy 2 today, yet I've only got 71 stars, so there is loads left to discover. Nintendo are not just massively inventive with its gameplay, but they fully understand how to celebrate their mascot's previous successes. Completely magical gaming. :)

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Here is the aforementioned Complete Guide to Consoles: Volume 1 'Skips and PC Engine' pic. Massive thanks to Damien, who was super kind in sharing his Volume 1 to help me complete my set of four. Good on ya, Damo! :)

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10 hours clocked in Red Dead Redemption & 32% complete. My John Marston is building notoriety, but profoundly honourable. Phenomenal score, pitch perfect atmosphere & captivating characters. I was lucky to be on holiday during launch of this AAA game.

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Dissertation finished & submitted. 19,217 words (64 pages), not including Appendix. 156 pages in total. Supping (two!) jars of Guinness. Jo cracked open Baileys. Thrasher skate DVD on gogglebox. Walrus impersonations curbed. Beard sheared...Celebrate good times. C'mon! :D

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Playing God of War III to completion on my day off, on its Fri.19th March launch, was awesome. Believe the hype, its jaw-dropping scale and amazing set pieces are truly stunning.

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (UK advert): Long live hand-drawn 2D sprite and pixel art mastery. I'd quite like one of those Hori Fighting Sticks, too! (Play Gamer #07 comp).

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Play Gamer Issue #7 has a beautifully laid out Sonic 4 preview. Huge screenshots galore, it made me want to go back and read the original Sonic review in Mean Machines (July 1991, Issue 10).

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