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I've been lucky to write for @NintendoLife, @PushSquare, @PixelNation1 and The MMA (@MeanMachinesMag). I'm nuts about retro.Ears tuned to punk/alternative rock.

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Lawrence Arms at O₂ Academy Liverpool was stupendous. Pic of me with Brendan & Neil. Chris was well friendly, too. Likewise, Bangers and Sam Russo were ace and wonderful. All musicians were accommodating to my ramblings as a punk music fan. A stellar evening.

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Ganondorf is my favourite playable character after completing all 18 scenarios of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors. I beat the game on its day of release (Fri.19th Sept.2014), and I hope other gamers enjoy running amok as Link's hackin'-and-slashin' nemesis.

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Collecting magazines goes hand in hand with playing games for me, so here's a photo of all 100 of my mags. Congratulations to Official PlayStation Magazine UK upon reaching the milestone of Issue 100. Top job, OPM!

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Here are a few more of my PS4 photo mode snaps of The Last of Us Remastered, tangled together in a TwitPic:

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I beat inFAMOUS: Second Son tonight, two weeks after its Fri. 21st Mar launch. It reminded me of Spider-Man 2 game, on GCN and PS2 (2004). I enjoyed the spectacle of bounding across skyscraper rooftops most of all.

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It's Mario-fficially Christmas Day, so I ho-ho-hope your day is merry. Have a PS4-some awesome Christmas, Twitter!

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Here is a pic of my 100 issues of . Sending Bowser behemoth-sized congratulations to Official Nintendo Mag. Note: Please hum congratulatory ending tune from Super Mario World while viewing this TwitPic.

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Pics of games™ July 2009 Iss.85 for of his forum comment on pg.139 in Plok: Behind the Scenes feature.

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I contributed to a Nlife staff feature about the joy of finishing Pikmin 3 on weekend. Here's my Pikmin 3 TwitPic: ...To read a selection of Nintendo Life's UK staff impressions of Pikmin 3, including my thoughts on it, check out the piece here: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/07/feature_a_weekend_with_pikmin_3

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The Last of Us has been stunning so far, I've reached Cabin Resort, so I'm close to the end. Survival feels tense. Its world is starkly bleak and harrowing, yet it has a tender side, with environments that are strikingly atmospheric.

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I completed BioShock Infinite yesterday, I played entire game using PS Move to accurately target Handyman's heart. I partially worked out a twist in the conclusion, but the ending was still stunning, with enough mind-boggling threads to successfully surprise even the most inquisitive player.

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Have a wonderfully bright Christmas, Twitter. Clearly the enchantment of Wii U will add to magic of my Christmas.

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I'm buzzing off the arrival of 's Gunlord: Limited Edition on Dreamcast. 2D run-and-gun gorgeous-ness.

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Collision of flashing lights and cacophony of coin-op bleeps was ace at Butlins Minehead (incl Mario Kart Arcade GP 2).

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Here are my 100 issues of . Hearty congratulations to RG, they are legends in their own right.

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You have probably seen a shed load of Vita photos today. Still, happy 22nd February launch day, PS Vita gamers.

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Here is a pic of today's birthday haul. As always Jo, family and friends spoil me. Gigantic thanks!

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A slapdash photo jumble of generous gift bounty I received Christmas Day. I'm hugely grateful to Jo and my family.

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Jo returned from Liverpool's Winter Arts Market with retro Nintendo Christmas cards by illustrator Mark Harrison.

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2011's was great for coin-ops, class for rare consoles, but most amazing for meeting retro gamers.

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