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here you go babes :D

My new baby :D

Can't believe how fat i was as a child!

6 stones done, 9 to go. Sweating buckets and ache all over. Must keep going #CallMeTitchmarsh

I've found my new favourite film! Anyone for some KFZ?!?!?

All finished :D managed to move stuff about. I will cook for money ;D

Side salad for dinner. I should've been a chef :P no room for the main course :(

Going upstairs because the cat has stolen my seat again. You try moving him! #ComfyKitteh

Omg, best dvd ever!!

This is my dinner.....

Terry Tibs. #TalkToMe. This guy is our driver.

Waiting for woman in black to start! Excited :D

Very proud of how nice lunch looks :D

Oh hungry joe, you've done it again :P #CheekyMinx

Penne pasta, meatballs, chicken, tomato bacon pepperone sauce with cheese. #WomenKeepYourSandwiches

This is great!

Smallest dog ever!!!

doodoo do do do do do do .....

just sent this! Only makes me want to do even more :P we have to be a honeybadger clan!!

to ,"it looks like you jizzed on a dodgy coissant!"

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