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WWT Slimbridge Reserve Warden. Love all wildlife and traveling the world to see it. Naturetrek tour leader, Wildlife Photographer and Bird Ringer.

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is stunning today. I feel energized by nature & I'm enjoying every Bee and Dragonfles like its my first.

He is always in my way !

Here is the baby Moose my group saw this morning in #Sweden

Okay well here is one for you guys!?

I have had an epic afternoon on the #Swedish Tundra, this photo of my camera should explain all

Spot the 2 vans! This is as dark as it ever gets up here in #Swedish #Lapland

Here is a photo from the back of the camera #Sweden #AwesomeBird

Watching Long-tailed Skuas in a foot of snow, its magic. Also displaying Dunlin and Golden Plovers

View from our hotel this morning, notice the blue sky. It's still snowing and temp down to -5 now! Saw 2 MOOSE #Sweden

It's not often I'm speechless but after watching this beautiful URAL OWL with my group I am! #Sweden

We have only been in Sweden for two hours and already had stunning views of this Great-grey Owl

What can I say......wow!

I can't get through the gate....he won't move! #Not getting out to move him!

Not a bad place to wake up!

Just fixing the board walk and this Brown Long-eared Bat is watching my every move :)

Pied Wagtails nesting in our tractor have hatched. That's another 2 weeks we will be without it!

Here is the Pied Wagtail nest that has rendered the reserve tractor unusable, its in the engine!

Long-tailed Tits nest at #Cam Also loads of Common Whitethroats and Lesser Whitethroats here and at Slimbridge at last!

A large military jet is circling over Slimbridge spying on us currently? It is making a cool pattern in the sky #planes

See if you can name this species I just found ? #GlosBirds #babybirds

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