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Author of The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm, creator of Mr. Paul Maul, self-help satirist, Huffington Post blogger. It's all good except when it isn't.

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Um, Google? Try Google Image Search. Especially when your story is about Tom Cruise & Justin Timberlake.

  • 1399 days ago via site
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Parents: How Will You Humiliate Your Children This Halloween?

  • 1420 days ago via site
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Someone needs to tell the LA Opera that the guy in their ad for Don Giovanni looks like the dude from "The Room."

  • 1424 days ago via site
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Sure, but what about my hotel, Obama? Who's gonna cover that? Jeez.

  • 1462 days ago via site
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Hell, I hate him, too, and I'm not even a language professor.

  • 1475 days ago via site
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So, I take it she is NOT the one trick?

  • 1518 days ago via site
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I'm too sexy for my yurt, too sexy for my yurt, so sexy it hurts.

  • 1536 days ago via site
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Thank you, Netherlands! The Dictionary of Sarcasm: translated into Dutch for a bunch of their local smart asses!

  • 1601 days ago via site
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Twitter is really coming up in the world! I thought only spam emails contained this kind of mind-boggling syntax.

  • 1603 days ago via site
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Date night? Well, I was kinda thinking of a DVD and some takeout, but if you insist...

  • 1636 days ago via site
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At last, I have found photographic evidence of the link between American Apparel and human trafficking.

  • 1638 days ago via site
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Didn't the Mayans say the apocalypse will occur when Kenny Loggins starts referring to himself in the 3rd person?

  • 1642 days ago via site
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I wonder which recipe makes your children taste more delicious?

  • 1671 days ago via site
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Please. Anyone who saw this ad on Facebook today. For the sake of the dignity of all humankind: Don't do it.

  • 1724 days ago via site
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And they give one of these away to every customer. Best Western, you have restored my faith in corporate America.

  • 1847 days ago via site
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You'd think Target would have re-thought the name of their in-store brand before they put it on a box of tampons.

  • 1988 days ago via site
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This would be a funny sentiment on any trash receptacle, but it's particularly great for one in Hollywood!

  • 2057 days ago via site
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