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Writer of Severance, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Tower Block, and episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, Spooks, Crusoe, Spooks: Code 9.

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Why do I find this sinister??

I need this sort of validation early in the morning:

I am now outside of this- pancakes with fruits and Mount Etna honey:

Great evening with & co watching kick ass. The Visitors are our friends!

Catania, Sicily, yesterday (last pic deleted for blurriness):

Catania, Sicily, yesterday:

For , my first #lollygagging photo, today in Bellaria, Italy.

Parents! On holiday with nothing to do?? Put your child into a giant clown head's mouth:

Also at midnight last night, we saw loads of jellyfish at the edge of the water. Here are a few:

Saw this weird Not-Crab-Thing in the sea. Any ideas??

View from our balcony right now:

Presented without comment:

*MY* view right now:

My view right now:

Searching for "tenderstem broccoli", Google has helpful suggestions:

Vote Conservative! We have a truly diverse range of candidates!

Netflix keeps recommending things for me that I've never heard of:

"Million Dollar Chicken":

This guy's Mo Farah disguise is flawless:

That was SO cool. Most beautiful building in the world. So glad they're fixing it up properly.