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As Uncle Kracker once sang, Follow Me and everything is alright. I'm a massive, die-hard LFC supporter. Go, go, the Reds. And woo, Die Hard!

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Ramos and Bonucci after the skied pen. #IKnowThatFeelBro #Confeds Spain won. Italy lost. Spain happy. Italy sad.

  • 1064 days ago via site
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Wouldn't it be ironic if penguins weren't funny? Of course in reality they are hysterical. Here's my evidence.

  • 1081 days ago via site
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Super Mario vs the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Superb. #NeverWalkTheSewersAlone #TurtlePower #MammaMia #HeyLuigi

  • 1116 days ago via site
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The behemoth that is a Star Destroyer. I didn't take this one; too dangerous. I don't know why I'm tweeting this.

  • 1126 days ago via site
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This is my personal photo of a Liopleurodon. Beast of beasts. I scuba-dived back in time to take it! #dedication

  • 1126 days ago via site
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Sloths should rule the world. They'd just laze about all day long. That's it. This guy would be the king sloth.

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First saw this on 4chan's FB page. Recommend a like. Or Pedobear will... Spiderman and Venom being web designers!

  • 1159 days ago via site
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On my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a baby do the 'You Don't Say' meme. Like it wants to say 'you're a div' but can't..

  • 1189 days ago via site
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It's remarkable that in the UK there are just so many different ways of not speaking properly! #CrazyInsaneTroll

  • 1196 days ago via site
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If Stewie Griffin offers you lemonade at a 100% discount, be warned. It will be laced with toxins so do stay away.

  • 1199 days ago via site
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Photo of a street with two Greggs bakeries on it. Not that amazing, you might say. Only one shop separated them.

  • 1203 days ago via site
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Made a meme! Err, no I didn't as mine was a duplicate. #ohwell Inspired by lecture on complex functions. #XAllTheY

  • 1212 days ago via site
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I'll always relate 'Dy-Na-Mi-Tee' with FIFA 2003. I loved that FIFA, I did. Free-kicks were 25 mph better. #seepic

  • 1221 days ago via site
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This is basically me right now. As you can see, not even the tiniest, teeniest, tinciest bit bovvered, ya get me?

  • 1226 days ago via site
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RT ": The letter L is on the right side of the keyboard, and R is on the left side." #PicardRikerFacepalm

  • 1228 days ago via site
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I see it. Oh rumpelstiltskin, do I see it. Brace yourselves - Brandon from Breaking Bad is #GoodGod

  • 1230 days ago via site
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Not sure if Americans are against Piers Morgan's stance on gun control or are just plain sick of the sight of him.

  • 1231 days ago via site
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Don't get twerps who tweet run-of-the-mill ordinary things which everyone can relate to. Y U NO make it different?

  • 1277 days ago via site
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Scanned through Computational task in 'Matrices, Linear Algebra and Eigenvalue Problems.' Si, Achmed. Si, si, si.

  • 1280 days ago via site
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Better get cracking with programming - finding the inverse of a 4x4 matrix. Then onto my formal report. #GrumpyCat

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