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Dad and husband, chubby runner, Wandsworth councillor, ill-defined consultant. I've been told views expressed are my own.

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Sadly Ponch's new girlfriend has just left for France. But he still has Jon. So that's all right. #CHiPs

Unfazed by the danger, Jon then uses his rudimentary French to flirt with the yacht's occupants.

Jon and Ponch use jet skis to stop a run-away boat colliding with a yacht just before the boat inexplicably explodes.

Always important to hydrate properly after a race. #RoyalParksHalf

According to the #RoyalParksHalf app I came second. And if an app says it, it must be true. Law says so.

Introducing the first stage of consultation on the Winstanley and York Road regeneration options. Standing room only.

Not at all ashamed admitting I was a star-struck fanboy meeting at earlier today.

As our hopes faded, the plucky postman makes it through the rain to deliver life-saving supplies. ()

Saw this and thought of you. Well, cousin Sven.

It troubles me the geese are as big as the pigs. Shouldn't they be smaller?

Another cheery Miffy title:

This poor little guy has been left on the bus, making his way to Wimbledon alone

Today's coffee art, dedicated to Bob Crow: "The RMTree of knowledge"

Another attempt at coffee art. I call this the "Obese Rod of Asclepius"

Today's attempt at coffee art worse than yesterday. Too much foam.

Tried doing one of those nice patterns in my coffee. Not an unqualified success.