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Sporting the cycling gear Liz got for me at the Giro. It's smurf-tastic! (Euro-Sammy at J&A is jealous)

  • 1931 days ago via phone
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I got the hook-up from Oakley! Now I'm all set to go hang out with T-Pain (and rip it up at Ironman CDA with some sweet Radars). Thanks Greg!

  • 1938 days ago via phone
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Time to make the coffee sleepy head

  • 1946 days ago via phone
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I saw this on a truck during today's ride. ...very classy folks down in Wimberly!

  • 1959 days ago via phone
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Go crazy, go crazy, don't let your body be lazy! Uploading some classics for a long ride tomorrow! Newcleus, Skeelo, ad others - Don't judge me.

  • 1971 days ago via site
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I love you man! Dinner and a movie with at Alamo

  • 1972 days ago via phone
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Apparently wealth and taste do not go hand in hand. Seriously, green!? ...Seriously!?

  • 1981 days ago via phone
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Wake up all you sleepy heads, it's a beautiful day in Austin! Time to hit the trail.

  • 1981 days ago via phone
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Has anyone seen Jack recently? Oh, that's right, he's off living with the Kombai again.

  • 1993 days ago via phone
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For recovery tonight, I am enjoying some Wailua Wheat Ale. As a bonus, I am also learning Hawaiian. It's a win-win situation.

  • 1997 days ago via site
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Carbo Loading with a tribute to my whippets? Call it what you want. It's damn good!!!

  • 1999 days ago via site
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Dig in guys!

  • 2005 days ago via site
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I was able to bring home some "leftovers" after a trip with some teammates to the Salt Lick (BBQ). In this case "family style" includes everyone. On a side note, it seems one of my dogs is a cyborg.

  • 2005 days ago via site
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Paint and clearcoat are done and the big build is tomorrow. It will be exciting to get this new monster out on the road.

  • 2020 days ago via site
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A place where nobody dared to go, the love that we came to know, they call it Xanadu - Yes, I was born in the 70's

  • 2020 days ago via site
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Wow, those are some great looking photos up at Jack And Adam's Bicycles! (I'm a little biased)

  • 2034 days ago via site
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The weather is not improving so I will make good use of Liz's birthday present and ride the trainer to my new Bose home theater. I chose Ironman (appropriately). It should have some good surround sound.

  • 2037 days ago via site
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The vet got her to vomit the little piece of metal (after a good-sized up-chuck in the car on the way to the vet - yummy). It turned out to be the head of a framing nail - not sure where she found it. She is back to her happy self with a wagging tail and

  • 2038 days ago via site
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Crisis averted! Lot's of drama on a recovery day. I rushed our 14-week old whippet girl Epinine to the vet after she swallowed a tiny piece of metal which made her a very sick little puppy.

  • 2038 days ago via site
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Hangin' with my puppy whippets

  • 2040 days ago via phone
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