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There was a (whole family) that lived in a shoe…

  • 2373 days ago via site
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If you haven’t ever heard me voice my opinion on those oversized sunglasses that are popular with the ladies right now, let me just say “they are f#@!ing ridiculous”, …and even worse in orange
(regrettably, Liz bought a pair)

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Apparently, one of the customers of the pot store I passed by yesterday opened his own clothing store (Called “Be Stupid”)
Dude, that’s totally a good idea!

  • 2373 days ago via site
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…just heading to the corner store for some bubble gum and, OK, some Chronic too.

  • 2374 days ago via site
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Dessert after dinner? No thanks, I am off to the carnival to teach my son more about the versatility of waffles. For breakfast, definitely! For dessert, why not?!

  • 2374 days ago via site
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We are sure to get lots of uninterrupted sleep with this carnival right in front of our hotel. …SWEET!

  • 2374 days ago via site
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The word for the day boys and girls is Driekoningenstraat. It apparently means “don’t wear your roller blades on the cobbles or you’ll fall on your ass”

  • 2374 days ago via site
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We arrived in Amsterdam only to discover that…
…Pat had already been here.

  • 2374 days ago via site
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Charlie prepares for his first international flight. He is psyched that Liz cashed in her miles for extra legroom, however the other people in first class are, well, “less psyched”.

  • 2374 days ago via site
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Officially a dad today - I couldn't find my sunscreen so I borrowed my son's "giggleberry" scented sunblock.

  • 2416 days ago via phone
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Liz is crankin' out the elevation chart for the 2010 tour

  • 2528 days ago via phone
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Granted, these things are ridiculous, but my whippets love soft blankets, and might like this for the winter.

  • 2533 days ago via phone
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Liz and I in our halloween outfits over at our friend's house for a night-time cookout.

  • 2552 days ago via site
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I love living outside of the city! Liz found this little bunny just hopping across the front yard today. Freakin' adorable!

  • 2565 days ago via site
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Seen at the checkout counter. Wow!!

  • 2665 days ago via phone
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Here's my "tweet" for the day. This is the first bird to hatch from the 4 eggs that were found in my running shoe I left on the porch.

  • 2672 days ago via phone
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Bonsai!!! (Dessert at Bonsai Bistro in CDA)

  • 2684 days ago via phone
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With rain in the forecast, Welchie comes to the rescue with new glasses with bad weather lenses

  • 2687 days ago via phone
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Down at registration with Liz, Paula, and Michael (sorry for cutting you off Michael)

  • 2688 days ago via phone
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J&A storms CdA!! I found Austinite Billy Harllee out during an afternoon spin sporting the quintessential J&A jersey.

  • 2688 days ago via phone
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