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gave me the coolest sticker for my bike today.

FAIL! Seriously lady, is it really that hard?

Trying to decide on a washer? Got kids? Then go with a front-loader. It's your best entertainment value.

Happy Birthday to me! Liz got me an hour driving lesson in a Lamborghini Gallardo (and the toy for Charlie).

I love the ad for the "official traing bike of the TDF" where the guy is pushing a whopping 56w up a 12% grade. Is that even possible?

Look what my two-year old changed the channel to... The lingerie football league! Good job son!

As you may have guessed, after Ironman, I got Schweddy Balls

Anyone need a place to stay? ...I felt like washing my hands with Purell just for taking the photo.

and if I'm not at the Waffle House, I'll be here...

Great swim at quarry lake today. It is gorgeous and 75TH, which is apparently my breaking point for numb hands

Hey Austin, please identify the furry green substance on this lawn. It looks nothing like my hay field.

Oh, like I haven't seen that before...

I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids!

Look what I found parked outside after my ride. I think it's time for a Scooby snack!

Thanks ISM seat for showing me where my nuts are supposed to sit on my new saddle.

Thanks for keeping my car (and my son's hands) clean! Best invention I have seen in a while!

In Austin, sometimes you have to specify. I left out the license plate so I wouldn't "out" them.

I saw waffles just this morning! He was hanging out with coffee and egg tacos. ;)

I just received 's new playset. There seems to be "some assembly required"

Thanks a million to for making my life easy after the race and taking my bike back home!