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Often referred to as arrogant. #hashtagwanker http://www.facebook.com/Jake.Birch

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Me and + are getting 10/10s tonight because we've just seen the best shooting star ever!

When the fake tan on my leg is more orange than 's...

getting jealous

What happens when me and the father go shopping. And yes that is 88p Asda Basic Lager. #toplads

The only good use for snow...

Dead cute text off someone who is clearly in year 7

Reading through my Biology notes and finding this. Thanks very mature.

cheeky craig out tha windowww #ruthlesscunt

getting #messy

Rawwww my socks!! #tigertiger

Just found this on my phone of one of the baitest guys I've ever met in town

The once in a lifetime moment when you peel the lid off a Müller corner and don't break the top layer. #tekkers

Messy Fridays is what it's about!

Friday's filthy pre-drinking entertainment. #gettingmessy

Stolen Dinosaur!!!!!!!!

My new babies!

Standard. Doing Maths homework in the pub.

My next door neighbour just gave me a fifty! What a fucking lad!

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