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This would be what is known as the dagger. Especially after she dropped 52 to take the lead.

Tough to beat. #blessed

just feels good to see a sunrise on the backend of your night.



Boom. Sunglass buzz is so high right now.

i just did what u did yesterday

A little to responsibly start my Friday night.

Apparently a week is now condensed into one day from 4-11pm

There are VTs all over the "freedom of speech" wall #awesome #gohokies

Salmon with on pesto and puff pastry and topped with almond slivers.... Why did I move out?

Hahaha you win Hall and Oates pandora.

No Arlington county street sweepers it's not super loud or anything please park here for 30 min.


Kinda dark but NBA playoffs and open road.

If you see anyone wearing these this weekend. You are in the presence of a badass.

Needs some ironing but I think I'm ready?

Greek salad? Why not