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Don't take what I tweet to heart, cause more than likely you'll be offended ✌ [2.14.12] @jmike187❤ Instagram: jaquelynx3 Dallas Cowboys

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From the guy's picture I'm assuming he's black yet he doesn't know when black history month is lmaoo

If you're not under 10 or over 40 don't wear jorts

Definition of white trash. You're fucking pregnant, why are you smoking?!?!

Eyebrows like these piss me off. Anyone else?

Is this 's $5 bill? Lmfao

Lmfao obvi taught Spanish

Saw this and thought of you

And she follows auntie Anne's . Oh

lmao you can't be scared of baby pugs! They're adorbs

My two favorite things are trending!!!!

Had to stuff the rubber finger tips because my fingers are too small.Least I never had to stuff my bra though. Ayee

Rihanna's boob!! Lol we were talking about this on Saturday right? Or was that someone else lol

Went to school with this kid in elementary school, like what are you talking about? ✋

say it with your chest! #realniggasallday!

Omg is this true?

Obvi my email knows that I wanna be for Halloween, they're preparing me

What a great cousin I love Angeli

how mad would you be if I did this

Ughhhh my pants are soaked. That farmer's company needs to move that big ass bus of unnecessary shit ASAP