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I tweet about old movies, shelter cats, and cocktails. I make jokes but I'm not always joking.

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Pickwick is a nervous kitty who sometimes won't eat. I fed her some by hand and she's eating now.


Funny face.

I forget this cross-eyed kitty's name. I'll call her Derp.

Uzo is pretty.

Uzo is pretty.

Igloo says hi.

Daisy's face is like a painting.

Bon Bon is a happy drooler.

Oreo is a lap kitten.

Han keeps picking up the noodle. Oreo is sitting in my lap.

Han Solo and Oreo are roommates.

Matilda is a "green dot" cat, which means she can attack unpredictably. I have training in green dot cats.

Wearing my Docs to work today so I can have Alexei Sayle singing "Doctor Martin's Boots" in my head all day.

This one licked my nose.

Ever seen a shelter with windows?

I don't only play with the babies.

Free kittens.

Look how tiny is this kitten.