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I tweet about old movies, shelter cats, and cocktails. I make jokes but I'm not always joking.

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Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy?

Do you speak Spanish?

I might get this permanently tattooed. It's so versatile. "Do you have pirate boots?"

Happy Boss Day.

My new tat.

Kittens love floor balloons.

Cake at work not happening til tomorrow but here's the balloons they gave me. Not had balloons since I was ten.

Kitten immediately after I told him to stop chewing on my slipper.

. He uses them when convenient, apparently. And who are these guys?

yes, he using them when it's convenient.

I wonder if people sing at her.

I hope this guy doesn't finish his fries, I'm hungry. Gotta swoop in before the waitress clears up.

It's a nice day out here near Joseph Conrad Square ( William Conrad's thinner brother).

Ross store wins again.

This satanic goat is a real all-star. #turnthatpentagramupsidedown

Kitten's second bathroom field trip.

Kitten's face grew back just fine after I eated it.

Let's see if this works.

So hilarious in 1951.