Doting Dad to the greyhound known as @T_Loafy. I hate flies. Shit at drawing.

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I gave in to temptation.

help yourself to round perfection.

this little lovely.

I have this beauty. 8.2%. BLIMEY!

I will make coffee and have a doze afterwards with my hounds

I wondered what #rolosark would look like....

It's uncomfortable for one of them. But which?

will adore this; I suggest he wears a high-vis vest whilst looking at it.

SUCCESS! And it's not wonky. A first for me.

I've started putting the art up:0) it's feeling more and more like my pad.

What the hell?

Busy day. Dismantled the mahoosive computer desk that was in the second bedroom and put it in the single room...

Thank you very much for the gorgeous card! On the mat when I arrived:0)

Question: what are these flowers? And, more importantly, WHY DO THEY HONK OF PISS?


My beverage has a happy dog on it. Or it might be stressed.

Now we know who touched him.

He does that a lot.

How could he forget?

Duffs trainers; obviously they've never seen Father Ted before