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So I guess my dad got #GoogleGlass #NewToy

Today made me feel so special

You know your life is a crazy college party when…

My dad gives the best advice

Every time I come back from another school I'm glad mine isn't in a cornfield. #LXARoadTrip

Brb, crying #LFCNeverCancelsClass

My roommate:

Her advisor would be proud.

Me watching the vagina monologues

How I respond to responsibility


Babe was feeling a little ratchet #CallForRide

Time to drop out and become a construction worker

I think this pretty accurately describes my friendship with

Even pooping at #Bradley is educational!

#ForeverAlone in class

Mmmm, tastes like college. #MidtermSeason

Roommate love #ThisIsMyLife #Why

My life right now

Why did this happen again?

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