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As you can tell, my prep for tomorrow has already started #deuceDEUCE

Does this bring back memories?

Fnally found Señor Braga! Drifted right into my hotel lot #F&TF

this strawberry shake better be worth it. Or else...........

bout these little beasts...Ewoks!

Me and don't fool around when we game...or shut down Chinese buffets

Gettin started early with #goinhAm

LOVIN my host family! Killer Easter present #Hannah_Babineau :) thanks

Double rainbow. Ain't gonna lie, it's pretty amazing #handpainted

HAPPY BIRTHDAY #Oreos Now I am going to eat all of you. #Duces

Ya buddy! 7in BBQ bacon burger w/ all the fixins on it

I like to break a mental sweat me new robe! #hueyheff

I'm gonna go ahead an say this ain't on anyone else's diet but mine HAHAHA #iwin

Fight tonight with all the CP guys watchin our boy George Abele rip some heads off!

This is what I'm thankful for

Punkin pie...we meet again

Apparently, 1. Santa traded his sleigh for a Benz and 2. his plates say he is originally from Missouri

Ya, this is a pre workout jam for today and you know what... I'm singin it TOO #winning

The crew with todays cAtch. 19 pheasants total #teamdomination

Teachin my puppy some new tricks. Taking "sit" to a whole new level

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