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I punch sharks, work in Social Media at an ad agency, and grow illegal beards in the wild.

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Eye maiyde theisz

This is how my wife . eats donuts. A bite here, a bite there, I clean up the mess. What a #cuteheart <3

Sudanese! @ the Living Traditions Festival in SLC. I looooove this place.

My Dad playing some tenacious defense against the Harlem Globetrotters...yup, that's how my #family rolls. #ballers

Plizzzayoffsz! #GoJazz

Finalllyyyyyyyy #UofU #graduation

Tropical spicy tacos, coutesy of chef .

Xbox. Chocolate milk. Girl Scout cookies. #InsomniaTherapy

If anyone knows a "Michael Dominici" who's ordering a boatload of packages and not receiving them...

I came home to find this neatly packaged vinyl orgasm at my front door. I....I love you.

Skoutcat loves to eat flower.

Thanks for the Jazz tix! are chilling in the #lowerbowl

New harmon's downtown SLC is intense!

Done did bought yer recommendation. This better be as good as Twilight, like you promised. #BarSetHigh

Come on over for some hot cocunut Tika Masala. #mouthrape

Watching Dexter, I gained a new appreciation for your avatar.

I like sitting behind the giant flag @ sporting events, pretending everyone's soluting me during the nat'l anthem #Hero

So stoked.

In celebration of their reunion, I picked up the best album of 1990-2000 on the best medium for music a'listening.


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