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Who is Jordan Zimmerman? Maverick ad man. Philanthropist. Self-made madman. Visionary. Husband and father. Alpha Dog. Motivator. Teacher. Leader. Huge success.

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Honored to be named to the South Florida Business Journal's 2013 "People You Really Want To Know" 100 Power Leaders

What was Time Magazine thinking? Obama as Person of the Year? Who voted on this? Victoria Soto is a hero!

So today I was JZ the Chef. Made the kids some killer chocolate-chip pancakes. And yes, they loved them!

Zig Ziglar will be missed. I encourage you to buy one of his books. He helped many of us and his smile was as infectious as his words.

I hope you had a great Holiday weekend. Now are you ready to be a champion this week? Or at least try your best to be one?

If you're not sure how much trouble we are in as a country, maybe this will wake you up. President Obama has sought counsel regarding the nations looming "fiscal cliff" from a stellar cast of characters, including Al Sharpton. Wake up America. Ask yourself, with all of the amazingly bright financial minds in the world, why would the President have All Sharpton and his merry men to the White House to talk economic policy? Scared yet? Buy Gold now!

Don't think about yourself when you vote today. Imagine how far astray we've gone when even JFK couldn't get elected by Dems today.

What else could he do? A FDNY firefighter looks hopeless. Remind anyone else of 9/11?

They were tossed around like little small boats! The 700-ton John B. Caddell tanker came aground on the north shore of Staten Island

This is quite an ominous picture as firefighters work on a flooded street in the Rockaways section of New York

A flooded parking garage became a car marina. It seems every couple of minutes I get sent another picture in my feed.

Hope breaks through the clouds as a double rainbow appeared over the Big Apple

Jet blue tweeted this. Yes, that's a jet way where a plane usualy is parked.

What were the people at thinking. This real-time stunt backfired big time! #notfunny #badtiming

I'm not sure, but I really don't think that this is supposed to be here. #Sandy was indiscriminate

This bridge in Delaware was apparently reclaimed by the sea. Compliments of #Sandy

This is a snapshot of the lobby of the Verizon office building located at 140 West Street, NYC. It's a little wet. #understatement

I think that we're going to see that the residents of Breezy Point are going to need the most help in the aftermath of #Sandy

Whatever you do today, don't complain. Not one word. This is what people in Breezy Point, NY woke up to.

New Yorkers turning lemons into lemonade. Scuba diving in the Big Apple. Thanks #Sandy

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