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#Teamiphone4 #teamrealnigga #YFS If you cant laugh in life u shouldn't b living, Its jus twitter people They tweet about it, i be about it

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: Photo: Respect The Fro (Taken with instagram) http://tumblr.com/xdf3sv87rd”<- stretch from nba street

: cannn i come no cape on lmfaooooo”<--

Ight imma holla doe, boutta ball up wid n .. Oh, but as for -->

: aidonia u goin to john j?”< idk i prolly c u up dea baby africa

: naaa man i beat that case .. They lookin for u they wanna give u another ass whoopin”->

2nd quarter im da celtics

1st quarter against

While at wrk dis da wild text i get when i check my fone... Smh

Da jacket is tuff

Dats tuff

Its not too late ladies yall got 1 hr for da $1

Dont no1 come hea tonight looking a fool cuz imma b takin pics

2 days away!! Rt!! rt!! rt!!!

Tell a friend to tell a friend

Feel like i been promoting dis party 4eva! But dis friday #dec17th its goin down @ bleu

I jus gave about 8 random grls dis flyer n dey sed "i got it already we we in dea" shame on whoeva cant make it

Best cereal eva!! Yall niggas needa get on it mayne

Wid dat being sed.. Its all about dis friday #dec17th we @ bleu fa dis

1 week away yall #dec17th we at club blue RT DIS

1 week away yall #dec17th we @ club blue RT DIS

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