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IndyCar driver from the Bay Area, 2011 Indy 500 ROY, and doing some drifting too. Give me some wheels, I'll drive it.

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How fitting for this time of year... Only coffee, of course..

  • 1653 days ago via api
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Beautiful day from the peak. After a run this morning I rode up Mt. Tam for my buddy John. Miss you my friend.

  • 1654 days ago via api
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Saw this guy running from the CHP about 10mins earlier. Reminder of why thats a bad idea.

  • 1656 days ago via api
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A word of advice. Dont microwave mugs with laser-gun handles. Might burn your hand off.

  • 1664 days ago via api
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Hangin with at Supercross in Indy wishing i had a dirtbike!

  • 1669 days ago via api
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Stupid Things In SkyMall: you may avoid misplacing ur phone but will look like a complete goober instead.

  • 1673 days ago via api
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Oh my. Leaving the gym in LA and ran into Mr. T! Got a little close for the pic, but what a legend.

  • 1677 days ago via api
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Making up for not being at with sets on this - Santa Monica "Deathcase"

  • 1678 days ago via api
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I like the way you think. Is there anything in the regs that says NO jet engines?

  • 1678 days ago via api
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After I get my ride sorted maybe I'll just keep fundraising for one of these!

  • 1680 days ago via api
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Vehicular snowmanslaughter... Yes, I was a little bored.

  • 1682 days ago via api
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Ten guys in a row doing corked backflips then tandem flips was definitely the highlight

  • 1683 days ago via api
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Way cool so far, metal mulisha doin their thing...

  • 1683 days ago via api
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"[It's] a lot like a rock concert but the people are better behaved and there's a groundhog involved." How exciting.

  • 1687 days ago via site
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The 2010 Formula 1 diffuser war begins....

  • 1691 days ago via site
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In London before my flight, ran into a killer Vans store - they quizzed me on my Californianism!

  • 1693 days ago via api
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Check out the most bitchen shoes around... Need some driving shoes like these!

  • 1698 days ago via api
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Pic of supercross start... Finish was crazy! Went down to the last corner!

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Packed house getting ready for the show!

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Bubba Stewart checkin the track out

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