Jackson ,Tyson , Jordan game 6

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#iknowaguythat likes to write his initials in pee when he's drunk

Faded faded faded and cinnamon don't give a fuck

Faded with the homie and smoking partner sorry

#TwoThingsThatDontMix cinnamon and kush

Hahaha little Karen's a pot head ..get it

Spilling ace on my sick aqua 8s

I forgot that the belasco meetings were 20 percent business and 80 percent convincing people to dumb tweets

Spilling ace on my sick Js

#WeCantKickIt if you like to dress swag out like Nestor

#WeCantKickIt if you like to play with little boys

: ": #WeCantKickIt if you think Nestor looks sexy working out

: IF U WEAR UGGS #WECANTKICKIT” (We can't kick it smh

Tattoos and what not

it's no longer a rumor December the 11s are comming out in red and white

look what's comming the month of November

too bad mr grinch ..I'm not going to say who this Jordan logo belongs too but it's not me

Fun night


Gold bottles spilling ace on my sick jays

Bottle service at 1616 duh