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I will defeat this exam with technology

The hip version of YOLO

That could have gone worse

Let's hope this works

Keep fighting the good fight. Get pissed off at the government. Remind politicians why they should fear young voters.

The playlist for today, happy star wars day!

I always find this little guy waiting for me to get home :) #adorable

The day I can't relate to blink is the day I realize I'm old #AngstAngstAngst

Who says cats aren't affectionate?


here's a cute kitten, you're welcome! Feel better!

Life is full of little

Text message I received after a phone call with my mother

There is a crazy amount of clothes shopping that goes on in programming #stylishGeeks

Candy and a shirt #thanksJesus!

Sometimes I go to plays

Yay my sustain pedal came!

When will we learn to just get along?

When we will we learn to get along? #sadTweet