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»→ Artist. Archer. Animator. Gamer. Cosplayer ☆ Goofy. Loving. Kind. Nerdy. Easy to befriend, hard to offend. Shy in person at first. Gives awesome hugs. ^.~ ♥

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look at the "feels like" heat index

Also, , the garage is flooded, the drains are whirlpools. Storage is fine though

rear view

Its getting dark!

The sky in front of me, and the sky behind.

The sky in front of me, and the sky behind.

It's trying to surround us!

Must've been a short. Glad my phone WASN'T plugged in after all! But now I CAN'T charge it...

88°F my ass! Not through Oakland!

♪Looks like Windex, doo doo doo. Turns my poo blue, doo doo doo!♪

really? REALLY??? it's like the rain is avoiding just me!!! #NotCool

Red triangles are tornadic condition winds


If anyone ever needs fresh picked mint for anything, I got a bunch of it growin around!

The car hit the guardrail in front of the house. Heard 3 bangs and we all went running.

So burnt!

Screw plain aloe! #Sunburn

I need to be stopped! #ADDatWork

Jenn + Color pencils + Kids menu + slow at work =